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Who we are

29th April 2020

Box42 was created as the solution for the ‘New Date Night’, to bring new, exciting romantic experiences to homes across the UK. As a result, Box42’s core principles were built out of this purpose, and truly represent who we are.

How we began

At the moment, relationship boredom is plaguing UK live-in couples as we transition to the ‘new normal’. As it stands, holidays are off the cards, experiences out the window and dinner dates? Forget it. Recently, a Relate survey showed that 23% of couples are feeling pressure on their relationship because of the current circumstances. That’s not surprising when you have no adventures together to look forward to and nowhere to go on dates. For now, it seems like date nights are out, and quarantine tension is in. 

Caroline and Jai, a London-based couple, were facing the same challenges. So, they decided to spend lockdown launching the ‘new’ date night and bringing the butterflies back into the home. To this end, they created Box42, a unique experiential date night box, delivered straight to your door. 

What we're about

It’s well known that success in long term relationships relies on 3 key factors: Communication, Novelty and Eros (Romantic Love). Armed with this knowledge, we at Box42 pack together that perfect mix with mystery date nights every month. 

Our activities are specially curated to create an evening of love, laughter and connection. Moreover, the creative new theme every month will immerse you in a one-of-a-kind date night experienceOn top of that, as entrepreneurs themselves, Caroline and Jai’s subscription box includes drinks and snacks from young indie brands, making every box an opportunity to support small businesses and discover something exciting. 

Box42 is creating new ways for couples to enjoy life together in our ‘new normal’. So join us and many other couples on this journey!

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