Touch of Love

For tonight’s first activity you will be massaging each other with oil just as the Ancient Greeks did before athletic activities (spoilers!). You will need the massage oil, dice and sand timer from the box.

Using the Touch of Love List from your box, in the first column write down seven body parts that you will use to massage your partner with e.g. fingers, palm of your hands, feet, elbows etc. And in the second column, write down seven body parts you would like to massage e.g. back, legs, feet, hands, bum, etc, the choice is yours. . . (try and make #7 special!).

The red die correlates with the first column and the black die with the second column. Decide who throws the dice first and then find the corresponding body parts on your list. For example, if the red die lands on three and the black die on one, you should use your fingers to massage your partners back. If you roll two of the same number you should use your seventh choice from both columns as a special bonus massage.

Once you’ve rolled the dice, give your partner a relaxing massage for the duration of the sand timer, using the massage oil. Then await your own turn ūüôā

We have included some handy massage tutorials below so you can refine your technique on a wide range of body parts. . . 

Massage tips

Hand and arm massage‚Äč

Face and Neck Massage‚Äč

Head Massage‚Äč

Back massage‚Äč

Buttock Massage ‚Äč

Leg Massage ‚Äč

Foot Massage