Snacks and Drinks

Great Greek Feast

Alongside your optional menu tonight which features authentic Greek recipes, we have provided two delicious drinks and some tasty snacks. At Box42, we love supporting other small businesses. That’s why we exclusively feature snacks and drinks from entrepreneurs just like us. In this box, we are proud to present Fentiman’s Curiosity Cola and Oloves’ Lemon and Rosemary Olives.

Exilir of Love

While the Fentimans Cola tastes great as it is, if you prefer your drink with a kick, we’ve got you covered!
Fill a tall glass half full with ice, then pour 120ml of whiskey (or alcohol of your choice), three tablespoons of fresh lemon juice and two tablespoons of honey into the glass and stir until mixed. Top up your glass with Fentimans Cola and add ice cubes.