Set the Mood

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The ancient Greeks were the first to use headbands. They used them to mark special occasions, such as the first Olympic games. Those particular headbands were made from olive branches found in the temple of Zeus! Unfortunately, they were quite hard to come by, so we have provided gold leaf headbands from the Temple of Box42 instead!

You will find two heart shape candles and a pack of rose petals in your box. You can light the candles and scatter the petals across your table, or you can float both the candles and the petals in a large bowl filled with water.

Dress the part! In Ancient Greece, clothing consisted of three main garments – a ‘peplos’, ‘chiton’ and a ‘himation’, These were all loose fitting sheets that were draped across the body. If you have anything similar (like a bedsheet), why not put it on! Alternatively, the Ancient Greeks also associated nudity with the perfection of the gods…