Love Olympics

Tonight you will be competing in Box42’s very own Love Olympics, and you will find everything you need in the bag labelled Love Olympics. The original Olympic Games were first founded in the sanctuary of Olympia, where it remained the highlight of the Greek calendar for almost 12 centuries.

Game #1: Wrestling

Tonight’s first Love Olympics sport is wrestling! First take one heart token each, each of you should take a token and hide it somewhere on your body e.g. in a pocket, down your sock, in your trousers etc. If you decided to honour Olympic traditions, you might want to pop some pants on for this task! The goal is easy, hold on to your heart while trying to steal your partners. Wrestle each other to try and be the first person in possession of two hearts!

Game #2: Tug of War

Tug of war is the second sport tonight. Take the rope from the box and tie a knot in the middle of it. Then, place the two heart tokens on the floor, about one meter apart. Pick up the rope from opposite ends, and ensure the knot is in the middle of the two hearts. Once ready, you both need to pull as hard as you can! The first one to get the knot beyond the heart closest to them wins.
NB: Please be careful with the rope and use gloves if needed. Do not wrap it around your hand!

Game #3: Long Jump

Using the blue tack provided, stick the long jump markers (in order) in a line on your floor. Space them out in roughly 30 cm intervals (depending on how much space you have, you can change the spacing of these markers or, in smaller spaces, give yourself an extra challenge like jumping with one leg). Each marker has a description with a consequence on it, if you land next to or after a marker you have to do the consequence written on the card. The further you jump the better the consequence.

Game #4: Discus

Finally, you will be competing in the discus event. Begin by turning over all the markers on the floor from the long jump event and shuffling and spreading them out. You will want to remember where the good and bad landing zones are! Next, retrieve the heart tokens from the wrestling challenge. Stand 1-2 meters away and take turns to throw your token. Your points are given by the nearest marker. After 6 turns each, add up your points to see who won!