Couples Candles

The early Greeks used candles to honour the gods on the sixth day of every lunar month. So for our final activity it’s your turn to make a candle that honours your partner during the month of love! The Ancient Greeks made candles in moon shape moulds to impress the gods in the night sky above. 

Try to find a container in your home that means something to you and your partner. Are you always sharing a cuppa? Why not try making your candle in a tea cup? Or is a glass of wine your go to drink on a romantic date night? A wine glass could work just as well! Maybe you are mad on plants and have a spare (small) plant pot available? Or for the food lovers out there – jam jars make great candle holders. You will need to decide if you want to make one large candle or two small ones. Have a look at the image below for container inspiration . . .


When you have finished with your candle, you can chip the remaining wax away or heat it up in the microwave so it can be poured away and your container is ready to use again.  

You can also create a stand-alone wax candle if you prefer - just line any suitable container with aluminium foil, parchment paper or cling film so you can easily remove it once cooled.


From the box you will need the candle wax chips, wicks, wooden skewers and gold pigment powder.

1) Begin by protecting your working area, put something down to protect the surface like newspaper or tin foil. Have some soapy water at the ready in case of wax spills.

2) Now place the metal end of the wick at the bottom of your chosen container. If you’re using a transparent container, you can cut off the metal end first. Next, place the skewer on top and wrap any excess wick around it, such that the wick is held upright and runs through the centre of the mould/container.


3) Next, half-fill a large pot with water and wait for it to boil. Make sure there is enough room in the pot for a smaller, pot or heating container. You’ll use this smaller pot to melt the wax.

4) Pour the wax chips in the smaller pot and. Place this over the simmering water to slowly melt the wax.

Note: Do not put candle wax directly in the pan!


5) Slowly add the pearlescent gold pigment and use a metal spoon to stir until the gold powder has mixed into the wax.


6) Slowly pour the wax around the wick until. 

7) Let it cool for a full 24 hours if possible and then trim the excess wick so only 0.5cm is left exposed. Enjoy this candle during your next romantic at-home date! 

As an added romantic touch draw a message into the wax before it sets completely (try 20 mins into its setting time).