Your Date Night

Your curated Spotify playlist for tonight’s date! Play it from the link when you’re ready to get started.

Sweet Making Photo Instructions

We have created visual instructions to help make your sweet-making experience as easy as possible.

Inside The Factory Answers

Click the button below to find out how well you did fixing the issues on the Sweet Tooth Factory floor.


Keep the night alive!

We have compiled a few extra activities for those of you with a real sweet tooth. So if you want to keep you night alive, have a look at the suggestions below! 

Candy Crush

Get your phones out and have a go at Candy Crush. It’s is a free-to-play game that you can play on your phone. Have a go and see who has the best candy matching skills! Click the button below to view the app.


 Made famous by a popular Netflix series, Dalgona candy is a traditional Korean candy that has a challenging twist. If you have some spare sugar in the house, have a go at at this beloved Korean game.

Our recommended movie selection

Keep tonight’s theme going with one of these excellent movies

School of Chocolate

If you fancy dipping in to a fun light-weight series instead of a film tonight, you’re in for a treat! World-renowned French chocolatier Amaury Guichon mentors eight students who compete for a prize package that includes a career-changing opportunity.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

The iconic story of Charlie Bucket, who wins one of five ‘Golden Tickets’ to visit the mysterious chocolate factory owned by the eccentric Willy Wonka and run by his capable crew of Oompa-Loompas. Once behind the gates, a cast of characters…


Single mum Vianne arrives in an old-fashioned French town and opens up a chocolate shop during Lent. She creates mouth-watering confections that tempt the stuffy villagers and make them happy. Then the handsome Roux arrives and Vianne can recognise her own desires!

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