Active Arctic

Arctic Orienteering

The object of this task is to create a series of instructions to help your partner navigate their way around your home until they reach your hidden love token that you will hide away somewhere. For this task you will need the compass from the date box, a pen or pencil and, if possible, two printed  ‘Arctic Orienteering’ sheets (found to the right of this text). Don’t worry if you don’t have a printer, you can use a plain piece of paper or use your phone to create notes.

To begin this task, start by deciding who is partner A and who is partner B. 

Partner A should leave the room or sit out of sight of partner B.

Partner B should establish a starting point and then begin note down directions for your partner to follow. You will need your compass to help create bearings.

For example:

  • Start by standing in the kitchen doorway, 4 steps north
  • 5 steps west
  • 4 steps noth 
  • 10 steps easts
  • 3 steps north-east
  • 4 steps south
  • 3 steps south-east
  • Face north and crouch down
  • Can you see it!

Once you are at your hiding spot, hide a love token for your partner to find. This can be something from your home that has sentimental attachment, a love note or why not use one of the snowflakes from the box!

Next, hand the compass and your instructions to your partner. Your partner should then follow your directions and see if they can successfully navigate their way around the house to find your love token. 

Swap over and see who is the best Arctic orienteer!