We have compiled short snippets of music from a range of famous film soundtracks. Try to guess which film each piece of music has come from. This game will work like many ‘Beat the Intro’ style games. For each tune, pause the music after 4 seconds (5 points). If neither of you can guess the tune, continue playing the music until the 8 second mark (4 points), then 12 (3 points), then 16 (2 points) and then 20 (1 point). 

This game works really well if you compete against each other, but as it’s a date and love is in the air, feel free to work as a team to accrue the most points. Remember, we would love to know how well you’ve done, so drop us a direct message or comment on a relevant Insta post.

To find out if you guessed correctly, hover over the red box to the right of each music clip – it will reveal the answers.

(You may need to pause tonight’s movie playlist for this activity!)