get cozy! make sure you are sitting comfortably for tonight’s date. imagine you are in a nice big squishy cinema chair. Dim the lights and light a few candles if you have some. 

what are you wearing for tonight’s date? are you channelling marilyn monroe, Ezra Miller,  lady gaga, Jason momoa or billy porter?


Snacks make everything better. SO TO ADD THE CHERRY ON TOP OF TONIGHTS DATE, GATHER UP SOME DRINKS AND SNACKS TO FEAST ON ALONG THE WAY. you will be putting your mind to the test so some brain food may be needed! 

to keep the theme immersive, we suggest popcorn, hot dogs, nachos and large fizzy drinks!

Fancy a date night soundtrack? CLICK ON TH IMAGE TO THE LEFT to access tonight’s unique playlist – featuring many famous tunes from the movies. (if you and your partner are in two different locations, try to sync playing the playlist. or, test to see if one of you playing it is enough to be heard by both of you).