Now its time to have a go at ‘movie mimes’ – which you may know as movie themed charades. If you need guidance on how to play see the instructions below. wE HAVE PROVIDED A LIST OF MOVIE TITLE SUGGESTIONS FOR EACH PLAYER. TO ACCES YOUR LIST, DECIDE WHO IS PLAYER 1 AND WHO IS PLAYER TWO. THEN HOVER OVER YOUR LIST TO REVEAL THE MOVIE TITLES. But make sure your partner has turned away from the screen so you can ensure there is no peeking going on.



Begin by deciding who will play first. that player should discreetly look at the first movie title on their list. Now the challenge is to try to convey that movie title to your partner without speaking.

you can do this by first Conveying general information to help your partner narrow down their guesses. Things like the category and the number of words in the phrase will give them a better idea of where to focus their guesses. You can come up with gestures on your own, but usually:

  • Holding up a number of fingers at the start of a turn indicates the total number of words.
  • Following this with another number of fingers indicates the word you’ll first act out.
  • Laying a number of fingers on your arm indicates the number of syllables for the word.
  • Sweeping your arms broadly through the air indicates “the entire concept.”
  • Moving your hands farther apart usually means “more,” but in some cases, this can also mean the word is “bigger,” like when it has a prefix or suffix.
  • Link your little fingers together to indicate a word is plural.
  • Wave your hand behind you in a “way back” gesture for past tense. Do the opposite of this for future tense.
  •  By cupping your hand to an ear, you’ll signal to your partner that you’re only acting out a word that sounds like the one you’re working on. After that gesture, if you pointed to your eye, it would be obvious the word you’re working on is “I.”
  • and so on…

Encourage guesses on the right track. 

When your partner is close, show encouragement to show on your face. Use the distance between your fingers or hands to indicate closeness. to discourage them off the wrong track, shake your head or form an x with your arms. 

Act things out until your partner gets it right or you run out of time. We have included a 1 minute timer for you to set your own time frames. Depending on how good you and your partner are at charades, you can give yourself varying time limits. Click play on the video for a 1 minute time limit or replay the video for 2+ minute time limits.

When your partner  guesses the answer, the round ends and you get a point. Then it’s your partners turn. Continue to play until you have both attempted all the movie titles in your list.

Good luck!