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The ultimate guide to indoor date nights

Updated 7th March 2022

With busy lives, budget constraints and the hassle involved with going out, we know keeping up your regular date night can be challenging. But spending quality time together is important and doesn’t need to be so difficult! To help you out, we’ve put together the ultimate guide to celebrating your date night indoors. Our list includes ALL the best indoor date ideas for any budget that are better than going out. We also keep it constantly updated as we come across new ideas, so check back in later if you need more inspiration! For now, enjoy the list and let us know what your favourite indoor date is 🙂

Our favourite indoor date ideas

1. Order a Date Night Box

Of course you would expect us to say this, but it’s true!  Date Night boxes are designed to create a great date night experience, creating an atmosphere, providing entertainment with games, activities and crafts, boosting your mood with luxury snacks and adding a little hint of romance that you can take as far you like. The best thing about our Date Night Boxes is that we have a theme for everyone.  Maybe you’d like a little Italian romance with our Tuscan Pottery Experience box or perhaps a puzzle solving date with out Undercover Agents box.

2. Set up a home cinema

The first of our indoor date ideas is timeless: who doesn’t love a good movie night! Just set up the living room, put on a projector and light the candles for the ultimate netflix and chill moment. Moreover, some of the ways you can make this extra special are by choosing a classic (e.g. Disney movies), changing the scenery or making yourself a special snack. Ready, set, action!

3. Host a Youtube night

Okay, we know you have probably done a movie night before, but have you done a Youtube night? There are thousands of hours of hilarious, informative and quirky videos online. All you need to do is pick a theme like ‘cat bloopers’ and spend the night doubled up in laughter as you choose the most hilarious content.

4. Learn a TikTok dance routine

Always wanted to take a dance lesson together? Well now, we have a steady stream of routines from TikTok! As a result, you can find the best 15 second sequences and learn them together. For example, ‘Renegade’ is one of the most popular dances, which over 30 million users have attempted to date! If you’re looking for some funny memories, try getting into fancy dress and recording yourself. This will absolutely be footage you treasure in years to come and who knows, maybe you will be the next TikTok star.  For Date Night ideas on TikTok follow @box42_dates.

5. Lay out an indoor picnic

For some reason, picnics let you disconnect from the world and feel a little more like a child again. Even if you can’t go outside, what is stopping you from indulging in one of our favourite indoor date ideas? Take a blanket, your comfiest floor pillows and pack your picnic basket full of delicious goodness. This is a true low key idea which will still feel super special.

6. Hold a candlelit dinner

Nothing says I love you like dining by candlelight. To really impress, this one is best orchestrated as a surprise alongside a three-course meal and a delicious bottle of wine. Make it even more intimate by getting some couples cards ready which can help ask questions that you had never thought of before.

7. Have a powerpoint party (make a silly powerpoint)

Now, when we first heard about this one, we had no idea what people were going on about. What the hell is a powerpoint party? Well, remember all those times when you were 8 and you had to tell the whole class about your favourite topic? While that might have been a frightening experience, it can all be washed away with new memories! To do this, each partner makes a powerpoint on a funny or nerdy topic. Then, spend the evening giving your presentation to an audience of one. Overall, this is one of our more unique indoor date ideas, as well as a great way to get to know each other more, and it’s definitely a good laugh.

8. Take a virtual museum tour

Loads of museums are now offering online tours of their galleries, which means you can now enjoy your little bit of culture right from your dining room table. Just grab a cup of coffee and some biscuits, then spend the afternoon browsing through artefacts and paintings from across the world.

9. Watch a broadway show

Stepping out to see a broadway show can be very expensive, and recently impossible due to closures. However, this is something you can easily experience from home. Currently, BroadwayHD is offering shows online free of charge for a 7 day trial and these include some classics like Cats, Sound of Music and Kinky Boots. For this date, set up the projector or TV, make some popcorn and put on your best theatre attire. Welcome to the show!

10. Recreate a comedy club

Laughing together brings us closer, so a comedy club night seems like the ideal date. Now, there are several options for this one, depending on how funny you think you are… Number one, you both perform a stand-up act, which if we’re being honest can be quite humorous. However, if you are not feeling quite witty enough, you set your living room up and you get on Youtube. All you need to do is find your favourite comedian and press play.

11. Establish a book club

Curling up with a book with a great latte and the company of your favourite person, need we say more? Set up your home in coffee shop style, get out the armchairs and tap into your inner barista. Together, you can share notes on your favourite books or essays, maybe even reading out your favourite passages. In other words, a classic hobby adapted for our list of indoor date ideas!

12. Brunch in your own dining room

Lazy weekend brunches have to be one of the greatest inventions ever! There is no reason why you can’t do those at home, preferably in cute pyjamas. Some of your menu options for instance could include eggs benedict, blueberry pancakes or a full english… but the options are endless. And, if you feel like you need to spend more time together, this is also one that could easily become a weekly habit.

13. Tackle a home improvement project

Renovating things together is like a crash course in relationship viability. You learn how and if you can build things as a couple. If you live together, your home is your safe haven and there are always little things you can do that will make it suit you better. Whether you want to paint a wall, put together some Ikea furniture or do an intensive DIY, this is a great way to spend some quality time together.

14. Give DIY massages

Grab those essential oils, lay out the towels and find out how good your partner’s massage skills are. Setting the mood with scented candles, the perfect romantic playlist and some chocolates can really elevate this date night. Whether you’re naughty or nice, this is one of our must-do indoor date ideas for all couples. If you like the sound of a Massage Date Night, try our ‘A night with Aphrodite’ Date Night box.

15. Take an online workout class

As they say ‘couples who sweat together, stay together’, so what are you waiting for? Studies have shown that having workout date nights can strengthen your relationship and make your workouts more effective. With everything going on, loads of studios are now live streaming on Instagram for free like @barrysuk. Together you can start achieving your fitness goals and create a stronger emotional bond.

16. Swap spa treatments

When you have mastered the art of massages, you can also extend your spa experience with a true pamper party. For this, set up a relaxing space with foot baths, scrubs, and face masks. Laugh at each other while you lie down with cucumber eyes and even give each other a manicure. Put on some good jazz, pour the wine and indulge in a unique couples experience.

17. Belt out some kitchen karaoke

This date night idea is bound to get you singing each other’s praises… too cheesy? Okay, well, karaoke night is a perfect one to combine with a little cooking and probably a fair amount of alcohol. Grab your wooden spoons and start belting away to your favourite duos. There are a lot of sites which you can use to perfect your raps online but most of your favourites will also be on Youtube.

18. Get quizzical

Most couples have a little competitive streak so a quiz is a perfect way to challenge each other. A great app to get you started is QuizUp which has over 1200 topics to choose from. If you want to get inquisitive about your relationship though, there are also hundreds of online quizzes to get to know your partner better. Get a drink, a snack and may the couples quizzing commence! No matter how well you think you know each other, we have found there is always more to learn.


19. Organise your photos

Nostalgia can be a beautiful thing and reliving those early dates can make you fall head over heels all over again. If you have printed pictures lying around, take an evening to make an album full of beautiful memories. If you are more digital, spend the evening scrolling through your phone and selecting the best pictures to frame in your home. Look at old holidays, baby photos, date nights and everything you have lived through together.

20. Back a team through a sports game

Time to get kitted out in your most fan worthy outfits, dig out those jerseys and get started on that face paint. Make game night snacks and set up the TV or projector to watch your favourite sport. If nobody is playing that night, relive some of the best games of the past or ones you went to see live. Bond together while you cheer wildly.

21. Play all of the two-person games you own

As many people can attest, playing board games is one of the oldest indoor date ideas, while also a fantastic way to spend quality time with your significant other. In some cases, you can get competitive, strategic and find ways to outwit your favourite opponent. Now, we know that there aren’t a lot of two player games, so we will follow this up with a post to help you find the best ones. To help you get started, some of our favourites are: Hive, The Game or a classic game of chess.

22. Puzzle your way through the day

Looking for some quiet focus where you’re really making time for your relationship? Puzzles are a great way to achieve this. At Box42, we love to take huge puzzles and spend a whole Sunday afternoon putting the pieces together. Play some music, chat about your week and enjoy a nice cuppa. If you can’t complete it in one evening, make it a multi-date activity by buying a puzzle mat which you can use to store your puzzle.

23. Build a playlist of your relationship

Find all of the music that brings you those relationship butterflies. Use Spotify or Youtube to curate the playlist from your first dance, first kiss, wedding song and many more. If you have a wedding coming up, start putting together which songs you both love and want to use on your special day. Combine this date night with some impromptu dancing and you will have memories to treasure forever.

24. Swap letters

Anyone who says the love letter is dead is definitely wrong, there is still nothing more romantic than reading your partner spilling their guts. As a lead up to a romantic dinner, write each other a love letter as a dinner invitation. Tell the person what they mean to you and what you love about them. This is a fantastic way to start an evening full of romance and set the mood. If you want to go the extra mile, write little notes and hide them all over the house for your partner to find later.

25. Write a bucket list

Always dreaming about what adventures to go on next? Use your date night to plan your ultimate couples bucket list (try this in our Funfair Champions Date Night box). From learning how to make dim sum to paragliding in Switzerland, find things that you absolutely would love to do together. If you want to make this more interesting and learn more about each other, put your individual ideas in a jar over the course of a week, then go through them one by one on your date night. Select the top ones and create a board in your house with pictures of you completing each of the items on the bucket list.

26. Make cocktails together

Mixology has become an amazing trend online, with millions of cocktail recipes and tutorials that you can make from home. You can now take cocktail classes from home and indulge in some delicious drinks. To make a night of it, shop for a variety of recipes, get a cocktail shaker and do a tasting to find your favourite couple cocktail. Just one tip… make sure you get food ready before you start drinking because home cocktails tend to have quite a punch.

27. Take a bath together

After a long week at work, set the mood by filling the bathroom with lots of (preferably electric) candles. Then with chocolates and bubbly in hand take a dip into the perfect bubble bath. Turn on some sexy music and see where the night takes you… Need we say more?

28. Have a breakfast in bed date

To surprise your (‘not a morning person’) partner, let them wake up to the smells of french toast and fresh coffee. This is a wonderful way to start the day together and have more time lounging in pillow paradise. Grab a chat pack and spend hours in bed growing your relationship.

29. Camp out in your living room

This is one of our favourites, which we have featured several times on our Instagram. Transform your living room into the cosiest tent and completely change the atmosphere. Grab a picnic, a movie or just chat the night away in a sea of pillows and blankets. You can even find instructions on how to build the best fort.

30. Play a console game together

Whether you are an avid gamer or not, playing a console game together can be a blast. We recently bought a second hand playstation (super cheap) and have been playing coop and campaign games together. It’s given us hilarious and fun games together, like falling off the game board 100 times and playfully sabotaging each other. The best games for two can keep you busy for hours and are a lovely way to spend time together.

31. Bake a sweet treat

Bring out your inner Mary Berry and spend a few hours making a cake or cookies together. If you’re feeling competitive, you can even make this a timed cook-off where your prize should obviously be extra cuddles. If you’re not a sweet tooth, you can bake for a charity or drop your goods off at a care home to give back in your neighborhood. All while having a great time together!

32. Take a guest room staycation

If you’re still reading this list of indoor date ideas, we’re sure you understand that sometimes it can get a little monotonous having the same routine every day, especially if you haven’t had a holiday away for a while. One way to fix this is by having a staycation in your guest room or living room. Get the room ready like a 5-star hotel, rose petals and the whole 9-yards. Then after a takeaway dinner in your ‘restaurant’ head to your beautiful hotel room. This way, staying at home will feel like a whole new adventure.

33. Celebrate Christmas anytime

Almost everyone loves Christmas, there is so much atmosphere and cheer involved. It’s a holiday full of love and coziness, but who says you can’t fit in an extra night of Christmas together? Bring out the fairy lights, christmas bulbs and mulled wine to set the scene. Go to the pound store (or something more scandalously adult) and buy each other some small gifts for a ‘stocking’ gift exchange. These small touches of generosity and the feeling of holiday will make this a unique date night idea.

34. DIY a personalised Pizza

Time for a two person pizza party, where it’s completely up to you how crazy you go with the toppings. Spend the evening making it completely from scratch, yes I do mean the dough and everything! Have fun seeing who is the best pizza dough spinner and what the weirdest pizza flavour combo is. Then for dessert, finish off the evening with dough balls and nutella as you finish off that bottle of italian wine.

35. Have a jam session

Now, you don’t have to be virtuosos to enjoy a jam session together. If you play instruments, dust them off and find a duet. If you’re both musical virgins, try using your laptop (and that app called Garage Band you never tried) to create some electro beats. Then use those vocal cords to create your very own song! Creating music together is a great date night idea because it allows you to get creative together and it’s something completely new to try. Don’t forget to come up with your band name…

36. Hold an at-home beer or wine tasting

There’s nothing quite like trying new things together, and a wine or a beer tasting can bring you a whole new world of flavours. Get yourselves set up with some snacks (cheese and charcuterie) and pick your poison. Many places even offer wine or beer tasting kits which they bring straight to your doorstep, so convenient! Also, if you want to learn how the pros swirl and sip away, just head to Youtube for a wine tasting tutorial.

37. Plan a future excursion/adventure

Thinking about going on a trip together? Why not take an evening to make those plans. Do it over dinner, with a notepad, your laptops and a bottle of wine. Make time to think about all the things you want to see in a new country or place. It’s a great way to start looking forward to something together, and this planning time will just make it even more memorable. And if you need some inspiration, we’ve got you covered!

38. Shoot your own cooking show/baking show

With this indoor date idea, you’re bound to start channeling your inner masterchef. If you’ve ever dreamed about your moment on the cooking tv scene, this is the time to show your partner what you’ve got. Pick your favourite recipe to make as a couple and get the cameras rolling. Make sure you bring the jokes and playfulness both on and off camera. When you’re done, you can share it with friends or just treasure it as a hilarious memory.

39. Take personality tests together

Personality tests can either be hilariously off base or extremely insightful. Try a few of these with your partner, and see what you both agree with. This can be a great way to start conversations about your personality traits and how they match. If you want something more light-hearted there are always the personality tests which tell you which Kardashian you are

40. Indulge in a dessert fest

We don’t believe that dessert comes last… especially on date night. For a very sweet date night, try to make the whole evening dessert themed! Try candy cocktails, and your perfect three course dessert menu. For a perfect atmosphere, camp out in your living room and feed each other sweet treats while you chat the night away. While this may not be one of our indoor date ideas to turn into a daily habit, you have definitely earned a night of indulgence.

41. Gamble on casino night

Get your James Bond outfits and martinis out for this one! You can spend the evening gambling away next week’s chores or a box of chocolates. You can play Texas Hold-Em with two players or you can play some classic two player card games instead. Remember, atmosphere is everything so get dressed up and put that poker face on.

42. Make your own beer or bread

Been seeing all your friends learning how to do sourdough bread or bringing you their home brewed beers? Why not spend an evening learning together? It’s so satisfying sharing something you created together and learning a new skill. There are hundreds of great tutorials on how to start your home brewery or bakery so start getting clued up together for truly homemade goods.

43. Plot a scavenger hunt for each other

Scavenger hunts are not just for kids, adults love them too. The beauty of a scavenger hunt is that it can take place anywhere can be as creative or complicated as you want. Spend some time planning clues, challenges and activities for your partner. Hide them all over the house and you’ll find that you start discovering spaces in a whole new way.

44. Create your own mindfulness retreat

Long weeks at work can be exhausting, so creating some zen couple time can be exactly what you need. This can be a combination of meditation and yoga activities scattered through the evening or weekend. If it’s nice weather, you can set everything up outside to benefit from some extra vitamin D. If you haven’t been living your healthiest life, you can also combine this with a juice cleanse. Peace out!

45. Do a cute throwback to your first date

Lockdown has us reminiscing about good old times, especially the early days of our relationships. So why not recreate some indoor date ideas inspired by past outdoor dates? A great way to spend date night is to relive that memory at home, by making the meal you had, decorating your home or watching a show. This can even form a new tradition, where you do a throw back every couple of years.

46. Make a theme night

Themed nights are amazing and come in every shape and size. We’re talking 90s themed Friends nights, James Bond nights, princess parties…. The list goes on! Decorate your home in true theme style, buy an appropriate game, dress up and in our case spend the night yelling ‘PIVOT’ at each other.

47. Break a record

If you are a competitive couple who cannot resist a #coupleschallenge then this one’s for you. Go through the Guinness world records and find the ones you think you have a ‘chance’ of beating. Then spend the evening challenging each other with high scores.

48. Play twister

There’s nothing like a classic game of twister for date night. Make it even better by creating a romantic version of twister: add kiss as an extra move, play strip or naked twister and eliminate the need for a spinner by shouting the instructions quickly. Enjoy!

49. Have an adult sleepover

For this date night idea, get the popcorn ready and the blow up mattress in the living room. Spend the evening watching scary movies, playing truth or dare and seeing who can stay awake longer. Relive those childhood memories together and hold each other tight while you chat the night away.

50. Get a date night box

Want a creative date night every month without any prep? Try a date night box which delivers themed fun activities, snacks and drinks to your doorstep every month. This is an ideal solution to strengthen your relationship, with creative quality time together every month. As a busy couple ourselves, we made it our mission to create and curate the perfect date night box-for-two – Box42. Which, as luck would have it, you can take a look at right here in our web shop!

As you can see from this list, there are loads of opportunities to have amazing date nights at home. There is also a whole range, starting from getting really creative with things like a scavenger hunt or just having a simple relaxing evening with a takeaway. Ultimately, we all know relationships grow as you put in the time together and we would highly recommend home date nights as a way to keep you blossoming.

What are your favourite indoor date ideas?
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