7 Creative Ideas for making a Date Night in a Box

The Ultimate Guide to create your own Date Night in a Box

If you want a really inexpensive date night, creating your own date night in a box is a great idea and makes a thoughtful surprise for your partner or friend.

Take a look at our top 7 date night ideas you can use to create your own box…

create your own date night box

1. A Popcorn and Movie Night at Home

This is an easy and cheap date night idea. You can either choose a movie and use it as a theme for your box, or you can put a few film choices in the box. Printing them on tickets makes it really fun.

Firstly add snacks, popcorn is traditional cinema food and there are loads of amazing choices now or you can even make your own popcorn!

For drinks, add some fizz (you could even get away with Prosecco, we won’t tell). A few paper party cups will keep that cinema feel.
For accessories, you could include a popcorn scented candle, some red ribbon to line the way for that opening night feel.

Now dim the lights, move the sofa closer to the tv and keep the volume up. Enjoy your movie date night in a box!

2. Date Night Dessert

If you don’t have much time, a dessert for two box is perfect. Your box can include a luxury premade dessert or a recipe and ingredients so you can make your dessert together.

For a romantic dessert, something with strawberries is always a win! Perhaps an Eton Mess? Include some nice spoons for sharing, a fancy glass to make it in and candles to set the mood.

3. Date Night Walk to Your Favourite Shop

This walking date idea is clever and simple. Get a gift voucher for your favourite shop and plan a walk to it. You ideally want at least a 30 minute walk so that may mean you need to drive or travel to another location first.

Walking gives you time to talk and the visit to the shop feels like a fun reward for doing it.

Include some fun games for your walk. A great game is to put a list of 10 things in your box that you both need to try and find on the walk. Some fun items to spot could be ‘a mysterious door’, ‘a place you’d like to live’ or ‘something over 100 years old’.

Another option is to include some role-play character cards in your box. Create 6 cards and on each write a career, funny fact about the person and a secret, eg. a detective who is terrified of birds and secretly next in line to the throne of Liechtenstein.

Before your walk, you shuffle the cards and each pick one at random. You then pretend to be that character for the duration of your walk.

You can also include date night snacks like your favourite crisps or chocolate bars.

walking date

4. Date Night at Home Cook Your Favourite Meal

This one is similar to the date night dessert idea but with a bigger focus on cooking for two.

Include a 3 course recipe, wine and luxury ingredients in your date night box. A candle is also a nice touch and put on a music playlist themed around the type of cuisine you are cooking.

5. Date Day at the Museum

Nights are not easy for everyone, especially if you have young kids. A date day at a museum is a really fun idea. How do you make that into a date box? Make your own guide book by printing off information on the exhibits for the museum’s website. Add in a few fake facts and see if your partner can spot them as you provide a guided tour.

You can also include snacks (be aware that you can’t eat inside many museums, so save them for after). The great part is that many museums are free and others have free days, just search for free museum days near me.

6. Date Day at the Park with a Frisbee or Football

Another cheap day time idea is getting active at your local park. For a sporty couple’s date day, make a box with a frisbee or ball in. You can also include a picnic and blanket to enjoy after.

7. A Board Game Picnic on Your Patio

If you are not a sporty couple, a different take on the picnic date night box is to include a board game and plan a picnic in your own garden. This can be an old favourite game or a new one you both want to try. The great part about this date is if the weather changes, you can move it indoors.

A Detailed Summary on Creating your own Date Night In a Box

Introduction: What is "Date Night In A Box" and Why Should You Try One?

Date night in a box is a pre-prepared experience for two people that is literally packed in a box, making it ideal as a gift or for taking away with you.
You should try one as having a pre-planned night means you can make the most of the time off together without wasting the time deciding what to do and setting it all up.
If you’re wondering how to use your date night in a box to connect with your partner, include activities that involve both of you and new experiences you can try together.

How Does A Date Night In A Box Work?

When you first get your box, you should plan a time when you will both be free to share it together. If you have made your own box, the person who made it should be able to explain their vision of how to use all the contents for the best experience. If you have purchased one, the best date night boxes come with a guide, either as a booklet or online.

Top tips for using the date night box include making sure you won’t get interrupted and setting the scene with candles and music.

What's Included In A Date Night Box?

What items are in the box? Well that can vary a lot. The ideal box should include one or more activities and items to help create an atmosphere like props and decorations. Some luxury food and drinks can also help to make the occasion feel special.

Conclusion & Are We Recommending It

There are pros and cons to creating your own date night box.

The pros are that it can be very low cost and highly personalised. The main con is the significant effort to make it. If you don’t have the ideas or time to make your own, why not browse the amazing and popular Date Night Boxes from Box42.